A Few Words About Us

It all started in June of 1998. Robby was home on summer break from the University of Arizona and Melissa had just wrapped up her junior year of highschool. Melissa had become very close friends with Robby's brother Michael during the year and was over at Michael's house when she first saw Robby sitting on a brown couch in the den. She had heard Robby's name mentioned many times in casual conversation but never thought much about ever meeting him. She now wondered why. He was a serious babe. In hindsight, Melissa thinks it could have been love at first sight, in the least romantic way possible though (she doesn't like that mushy stuff). Robby just knew he liked this spritely and bubbly girl that was seemingly always at his house giggling in his ear. 13 years and four dogs later, here they are. Robby still likes Melissa's giggle and Melissa still thinks Robby's a babe. Guess it's time to get married and have a big party!
We are looking forward to seeing all of you there on our special day. Visit our hotel and travel page for more info on our room block and other hotel and travel options.

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Our Doggies

Meet Bean, Noogie, Fifi and Ting. They are our fur-babies and best friends.

Bean is a spunky, six-year-old Pomeranian. She is from a breeder in Pennsylvania and she only weighed 11 ounces when she flew to us all by herself on an airplane. Bean is the boss of the house.

Noogie is Bean's brother from another mother. Whatever he lacks in brains he makes up for in cuteness. Noogie loves Kraft Singles and Cheetos.

Ting is the fattest and sweetest Chihuahua around. He is truly an old soul and the most empathetic doggy you will ever meet. He loves eating everything in sight and can often be found licking the floor when there is no more food to be eaten.

Fifi is our latest and last addition. She is constantly on the move and loves bouncing off the walls. Literally.